Founding member Madhavi Polepalle was moved by the plight of the orphaned and abandoned children she found in India's poorest communities. Poverty, disease, natural disaster, violence - whatever the cause, she felt these children should not be left behind as the rest of society moves forward.

HELP Foundation was incorporated in New Jersey as a non-profit organization in 1994 and granted IRS tax exemption status in 1995, so the donations and help from all our friends and supporters are tax-deductible.

An investment in their future will ensure a healthy and thriving future for the country. With this in mind, Madhavi, with like-minded friends, Bhimeswara Rao Grandhi and Vital Rebbapragada, started the HELP Foundation in 1994. It began by supporting 10 children at Chinmayaranyam(affiliated to Chinmaya Mission and located about 30 miles near Tirupati), located 30 miles from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

As a result of your donations and support we now also support kids in India at Sarada Sakthi Peetham in Thambaram (near Chennai in Tamilnadu), Sevalaya in Thiruninravur (about 30 miles west of Chennai), Sarada Niketan near Bhubaneshwar (Orissa), Lovedale Foundation near Bangalore, Balgram Samparc near Pune (Maharashtra) and Tribal Educational Rural Development Society (TERDS, Araku, Vizag, AP). It is the latest orphanage we adopted. It has 16 girls.

ATA (American Telugu Association, a national Indian organization) recognized HELP Foundation for its sustained service to the less privilege children, and honored Madhavi Polepalle for her dedicated service thru HELP Foundation, on March 10, 2013, in connection with the International Women's Day.

On July 20, 2013, North America Telugu Society (NATS) hosted a Musical concert by legendary music director M. M. Keeravani . HELP is one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the program.

We support programs in India's orphanages and ashrams that care for orphan and destitute children. These facilities clothe, educate and feed the children until they become responsible adults. The Foundation raises funds in the U.S. and sponsors children in these facilities located across India.

Some of our sponsored children are ready to go on to Junior College (Plus One/Plus Two), Undergraduate College and Postgraduate College. We believe that it is very important for these children to continue their education so that they will become productive members of society. HELP Foundation is committed to ensure that they have a secure future to look forward to.

We seek to change the cycle of poverty that afflicts the poorest of Indian society at the grassroots level. Therefore, we focus on investing in the future of children through programs that equip them with the skills and tools needed to become productive members of society. We believe in the power of our mantra, Grassroots change - one child at a time.

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