With your sponsorship, the child will be raised in a secure, nurturing and loving environment. Your contribution will help in feeding, clothing and raising the child until adulthood. They will receive:

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Sponsor an Orphan Child: It costs Rs. 12000 (about $300) to support one orphan child per year. Once a child is admitted to the orphanage, usually at the age 5 or below, it is the responsibility of the orphanage to support the child until they finish High School at age 18. To provide perpetual support, the Foundation creates an endowment with $10000 for each child. The money will be kept in the bank under the control of the Foundation, and the interest earned will be spent to support a child. This will provide perpetual support for each child. We put together a flexible program for your consideration.

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How does the Child Sponsorship work?

Supporting a new child implies HELP Foundation creating a child slot. A child enters the child slot and stays until completing the High School or College education. Once the child leaves, a new child will be admitted into the same slot. A child slot is a perpetual entity in which a child enters and leaves, and then a new child enters and leaves, and yet another new child enters and leaves as continuous process.
HELP Foundation needs an endowment of $10,000 to create a child slot, since we have moral obligation to support the admitted child until the child graduates from High school or College.
The return on the $10,000 invested provides the annual support money for one child. As of 2011, the annual amount to support a child is $300. The money is always kept in USA under the control of HELP Foundation. When the return is more than $300, the additional money will be added to the principal amount of $10,000. Thus, the HELP Foundation requests the ashram or the orphanage management to accept a new child, when the Foundation has $10,000 for the child.